Online Workshop on Writing and Self Publishing

Black and Outspoken is proud to announce the creation of an online workshop for 2015.  One will focus on writing and self-publishing while the other is all about using social media to market your books.

Writing and Self Publishing Online Workshop

This workshop is ideal for bloggers, unpublished writers and people keen to take their writing to the next level. 

The ‘ Writing and Self Publishing workshop will last for 2 hours. You will be given the workshop outline and you will get an opportunity to work with other writers, as well as get your own writing reviewed.

This  interactive online workshop will include the following:

1. Finding your market
2. Who is my audience?
3. What genre am I writing in?
4. Planning my story.
5.  Writing my story
6. Peer review of my story
The session costs: £49.99.
 Date: Thursday 11th December 2014
Time: 1830 -2030pm
The second online workshop is ‘Marketing Your Books Using Social Media’.
 You will be shown how to:
 1.Publicize your book using social media.
2. Using Twitter and Facebook to promote your book.
3. Using Instagram for business.
4. Maximizing your blog posts to generate traffic.
5. You will get the opportunity of promoting your own brand in the session using techniques taught
Cost: £49.99
Duration: 2 hours
If you are interested in self-publishing and marketing your book and you book both online workshops together, you pay only £90. Think about that for 4 hours of training!
Time: 630pm to 830pm.
Venue: Online on Googlehangouts
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