Bye Ed

They won. I am upset because I didn’t see this coming. I genuinely believed Labour had a fighting chance of getting rid of the bad guys. ….the bedroom tax people, the people who have not done enough to prevent 900k people from surviving on food banks, the party that allows illegal immigrants to remain 20 years before any chance of naturalisation.

They are not the bad guys after all. The British people have spoken. They have said what we need to pay attention to. They want a leader as tough looking as Cameron and even though the austerity is biting, they don’t care because the deficit is shrinking. Or is it?

If you look at the sea of red in London, ethnic minorities came out and voted for Labour because they feel it is a party that listens to the little people. Will this government fight for the little people all across this country? Will this Goverment address the negative rhetoric that has been channeled against minorities? Is this the beginning of something special? I am not sure.

In all fairness, I love this country. Democracy, the rule of the people works. I love the people of South Thanet who threw Mr Nigel Farage out. The people spoke. I respect that.  What I am hearing is that this is not the time for Labour.  We will arise again. We shall make a come back. These same people will kick out the Tories when they have had enough.

They won. I get that:(


Labour must win o!!

I have a couple of minutes whilst I wait for a meeting to spend here. My thoughts are on #GE2015, I know I will

be spending the night watching the TV and waiting. I cannot dare think of what the mood would be like nationally if Labour wins this election. Everyone I have spoken to have voted Labour. Is this what is happening nationally.

Several thoughts: if all African/ Common wealth people in this country vote Labour, we are still not enough to clinch this victory. Or are we?

I must go now.

Common Labour!!! Common people!

PS: do you know anyone who hasn’t voted?

I am back!

So it has been months since I last wrote. I am not even sure I can write again. I am rusty and dusty. Here goes: a true writer never dies. This is my come back.

I left so suddenly and unexpectedly. No, nothing bad happened. I just found it increasingly hard to make time to write.

Life got in the way. There is always a lot happening.

So, I am going to try to get back to where I was.

I am back! Watch this space.

Tundun Adeyemo