Can we do without music and books in our lives?

My guests tonight need no introduction. I am excited that Doog Moody, founder Greenbank Music Village would be joining us to talk about music and how the Greenbank Music Village has been changing lives in Luton one instrument at a time.  Why is he so passionate? What books has be been reading? Has he taught any famous musicians? The Green bank Music Village provides affordable music tuition in Luton. Doog has run the village since 1983. Last month, the Greenbank Centre opened a brand new state of the art recording studio.  You need to listen from 6pm.


From 1845pm, Zahrah Nesbitt-Ahmed who runs the blog, will be  taking us through the African authors who made the most important book lists of 2014. On that list is Teju Cole’s Everyday is for the Thief and Helen Oyeyemi’s Boy, Snow, Bird.teju cole book 3Helen Oyeyemiboy snow bird
doog moody


You do not want to miss this show. Listen here from 6pm:

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