Who makes the best jollof rice?

I wanted to publish my  recipe for cooking jollof rice  as it is my favorite dish and most of my friends say I cook it really well. I am just thinking if I should still do that. Whilst, I am making up my mind, I found these videos on how to cook jollof rice on  Youtube ( and there are more). The first channel is All Nigerian Recipes and the second is from Nigerian Food TV. Which method do you prefer? We all have our different methods of cooking jollof rice.

My sister in Canada has a secret ingredient which she taught me.  Neither of these women have mentioned my sister’s secret ingredients (there are two actually). To be fair, these videos might beat me in the act of making jollof rice, but not my sister. She is still the best jollof rice cook in the world. She was taught by Mrs ‘S’ who cooks as in cooks.

I know what to do, I will get her to do a post on making jollof rice. Watch this space.