Naked: a slow staRT.

It will be painful.  And slow..but the process is necessary.It has taken me years to get here. It has taken me time to find the courage to write again . The most important point is that I am writing.I got my groove back. The need to write had been urgent upon me. This feels so good right now.Bearing my heart on this blog. Bold.I am ready. 

Layer by layer we will peel. The scales must come off. One by one the masks, the make up, the lipstick, all of it, will come off. It has too. 

We will remove the shakles till we get to the tRuth. Our truth. My truth. About life, love, living and just being. Is there one  truth or multiple truths? Whatever the truth is. We will find it and when we do, it will be the most beautiful thing.

It won’t be easy. Nothing good is easy. Uncovering the past. Burying the garbage and facing the demons which lurk in the dark corners dominating questions that need answers. Questions that don’t go away. Questions about life that needs to be settled. Questions that have no answers. Difficult questions.Questions nonetheless.

It will be uncomfortable . Facing the past. Tearing down strongholds. But its got to be done. To move forward we need to nakedly face our fears head on. This is what this blog is about the peeling of layers. Layers of lies, layers of pride, layers of ignorance, layers of vanity, layers life  have brought on. At Naked, we examine what truth is. Uncovering truth.whatever that is..talKing about issues that arrest growth. Just talking. 

Naked we are born.Naked we return. Yet the unexamined life is not worth living. The truth about me lies in the nakedness of my soul.

Join me daily, weekly, monthly I don’t know as I uncover truths. Naked.  Are you ready?





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