The Med

3,072 people have died since January 2015 according to
3,072 people have died since January 2015 according to

The woes and cries, last minute prayers

The mass of humanity perished

Hopes of a better life

All aboard ships and dingy boats

As it sails through hungry cold waters
Babies shiver on breasts

Mothers, with tears in their eyes

Silently wail

Sniffing as they know they may be

Coming to the end of their lives
Fathers and brothers

Struggle to retain their manhood

Against all odds

The dingy unsteady rocks

The Mediterranean thirsty eager for more bodies, eager for breakfast or is it dinner?

It was a fight to the finish

Supposedly because of their faith,

Men are thrown in

For added measure, they women and little ones jump in too

Can we stop this waste of lives?

No one tries to save

Every one bruised and battered by the coldness and cruelty of life

The dingy falters

Europe is no heaven but to these ones

Europe: hope of migrants

Eritrea,Somalia, Nigeria, Gambia, Syria
And Libyan governments keep silent

They see but refuse to speak or act

On the blood that lies at their door steps

The savagery of the headlines ’30 times more than last year’ provokes not a word

Some Europeans are stirred

This has got to stop they scream

They are here because we invaded their lands
The Med does not care

The Med wants more

At the bottom of its waters

Trapped migrants in their sunken vessel

Lips never to be kissed

Breasts never to be sucked

Hands never again to clap

Kids who will never graduate

Men who will never ever be buried

Had they known?

The death of dreams

The death of lives

The death of deaths

The Med
Tundun Adeyemo(c) May 2015


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