The Queen of Words, Adura Ojo Author 'Life is a Woman' On Outspoken!

Hello everybody
Check out who I have been talking to this weekend: the indefatigable Adura Ojo. How can you have things in common with someone you have not met? That was how I felt by the time I was done reading ‘Life is a Woman’ and talking to her. Perhaps you too might experience that same connection when you read her ‘Life’ which you can find  here. She is the Queen of everyday words. You will fall in love with Adura’s simplicity, style and poetry. She is coming on my radio show on the 1st of October and our Nigerian readers can expect her on TELL Magazine soon.  Read my  review and yes! buy a copy of the book.

Sade Adeniran on Outspoken. Listen from 1830!

Outspoken WT

I am back this evening on Africauk radio.  Outspoken is  about African art: spoken and literary. It is the show for bloggers, authors, writers, spoken word poets and singer song writers. If you love Africa, Africans and our creativity, then this show is for you.

Join us tonight for an interview with Common wealth Writers’ Prize Sade Adeniran. Sade and I share a love for African art. Sade will also be talking about her latest project of recording African stories on podcasts and why you should support  her project ; Sade’s world of short-story podcasts.

You will love listening… will be really good. I promise you.

See you later!

The sensational Dinachi Onuzo

If you haven’t otherwise heard Dinachi, perhaps you should. Its nearly 2 in the morning and I have been serenaded by her voice. I have been taken back to my days at University when we spent all night dancing. Its more than a serenade though, her voice is powerful, purposeful and inspirational. I  have to say it, I love her music and I want to hear more.  Her beautiful soothing voice has taken me back memory lane in perhaps a way I didn’t expect to. I didn’t think she would be this good. But she is! And you have a listen to this track: Mr Tenny and let me know if she brings back memories of Anita Baker and or sounds from the 90s. Let me know if she stirred up something on your inside. Let me know that your heart is still alive and you still appreciate great music. You heard it first from me, I will have an interview soon. Watch this space. In the mean time, you can hear more here

dinachi come outDinachi Onuzo’s music is an intriguing blend of jazz, folk, highlife and gospel. It has been heard at a number of open mic venues and festivals in the last year and her debut EP, Come Out, is a sample of what audiences here in England and abroad have been raving about.

Dinachi honed her craft singing in church choirs and leading gospel choirs whilst at school and at University. The influence of her choral background is apparent on the EP, with impeccable harmonies adding depth and colour to her music.

Since she graduated, she has been refining her talent, writing lyrics and music to songs which on the EP present a haunting collection of beautiful melodies, with lyrics that remain with the listener long after the last strings have faded.

Dinachi’s music has a message, whether it’s the political message contained in the soulful lament of her “Bring back our girls” video, or a message that relates to the Christian faith she proudly professes. Her songs will make you think, make you feel, and her voice will move you.


Come Out EP – OUT NOW on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify

Outspoken: the Book

These articles are a collection of Tundun Adeyemo’s best work from her regular column titled ‘Reflections’ with the Nigerian weekly magazine TELL. She has been writing the column for four years and has thoroughly researched each topic.

This collection covers a wide variety of issues, ranging from religion, sex, love, relationships and marriage, travel, forgiveness, domestic violence, motherhood and parenting, to online dating, prostitution and many more.


To Pre-order click here

Outspoken The Radio Show is back

After a short hiatus, Outspoken! The Radio Show is back on the 17th of September from 6pm GMT

We are back on AUK radio championing the cause of African literature. As far as I know, Outspoken! the Radio show is the only programme online dedicated to promoting African authors, bloggers, writers, poets and spoken word.

When it comes to African  literature, Outspoken! will shine the light and lead the way. The importance of this cause cannot be over emphasized.

The show will run over the course of the school year, breaking only during the school holidays. I am introducing a new segment where you can request for songs to be played for you or a loved one. You will also have the opportunity to share your poetry on  radio.

We have now made it possible for you to be able to listen again to the show every Friday from this blog. So don’t worry if you are unable to join us. It would be nice though to know that you are listening. Just to me. Us. The Team that brings you Outspoken!

The beautiful Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw is my first guest.

She is the founder of La Proverbs Ltd.

She is an accredited coach from The Coaching Academy UK and the best selling author of three books.

Her books include:  The Giant Within Us,  The Road to Discovery, Woman-The-Powerhouse.

Lady Anita would be travelling all the way from Croydon where she is based to our studio in Luton.

It is a show not to be missed.  So pencil in the time 6-730pm GMT and the station is AUK.

Exciting times ahead! Stay tuned to Outspoken! Only on AUK Radio.


African Literary Evening

Hello everyone

The African Literary Evening is an evening put together by Tolulope Popoola, Publisher and Chief Executive Officer, Accomplish Press and my self. Need less to say, it is our first event together and I urge you to get your Tickets here whilst they are only £5.

Why are doing this? Primarily because there is a  need to bring together African authors to celebrate our successes and to talk about our challenges. This is how Tolu puts it.

“Dedicated to showcasing the best of established and emerging talented African writers in the UK”

Accomplish Press in conjunction with Femy and Remy Ltd and Nigerian Writers, presents an evening of reading, conversation and inspiration with the best of new generation African Writers. Please join us as we enjoy an interesting mixture of literature, poetry and spoken word performances, as well as a panel to discuss issues relevant to writers in the UK.

Featuring: Guest Speakers on the Panel (African writers both published and unpublished, reviewers, journalists and book bloggers).

Abidemi Sanusi
Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw
Tundun Adeyemo
Bola Agbaje
Nuzo Onoh
Sade Adeniran
Ola Nubi
Kemi Ogunniyi
Irenosen Okojie
Kiru Taye
Bimbola Dare
And many more.


Is it possible to make a living as a full-time writer?
The future of publishing in the UK: is it traditional publishing, self-publishing and collaborative publishing or hybrid publishing?
Beyond print; moving with the digital revolution: ebooks, podcasts, audio books and short films
Who is our audience? Our community or beyond?
Genres: moving beyond expectations placed on African writing

Hosted by: David G. Balogun

With readings and spoken word performances from: Ola Nubi, Adura Ojo, etc. There will be a variety of books for sale, and an opportunity to network and chat with the panel and other guests informally over drinks in the bar afterwards.

Date: Saturday, 8 November 2014

Time: 5pm to 8pm

Venue: The Proud Archivist, 2 – 10 Hertford Road, London N1 5SH

Tickets: Early Bird £5, General £9, Last Minute £12

Order tickets via Eventbrite: