'Writing is a Gift': A Conversation with Yejide Kilanko, Author of Best selling Novel 'Daughters Who Walk This Path'.

I had the pleasure of having an interview/conversation on Africa UK Radio with Yejide Kilanko-  Author of the best selling book ‘Daughters who walk this Path‘ on Saturday, 29th March, 2014.

I cannot tell why I had butterflies in my tummy all afternoon before the interview as Yejide is the warmest person ever, but I did.  I had watched a video of her presentation at the 2013 TEDx talks held in Chatham, Ontario Canada and it felt as though I had known her all my life:)  Here is a link to her  well received lecture titled: Celebrate Yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4PV4rnFO38.

I thought the conversation went well, I was  inspired by it all. If you missed it, it will be posted on this blog soon.  Watch this Space!!!

Recognizing the blessings of God in her life, Yejide said ‘Writing is a gift’.  How can it not be? You have to be gifted to be able to express your most sensitive thoughts and insights in ways that  resonate with most people. Yejide’s writing feels very familiar. I cannot tell if it is because we both come from Ibadan or that we are both Yorubas, I dont know. But her poems are enthralling.  Her work would literally take you away from your reality into her world.  That takes skill. Honestly.  She is brilliant. Fullstop.

Like many writers, Yejide’s muse was her work. A couple of years ago, in her role as a child protection worker,she provided services to children and families affected by sexual abuse.   The ability to put her thoughts on paper, gave her peace.  Her initial expression were through poems which eventually led to her writing her best selling book.

The rest is history. Her book deals with the uncomfortable silence that surrounds  the horror of being sexually molested. This is the epidemic currently eating up Nigeria. Parents, teachers, media and communities still find it hard to talk about sexual violence and when it happens to children.  Families and victims are stigmatized and perpetrators are left to the mercy of God for judgement. The Nigerian Police are not trained to deal with  this tsunami that is practically making little girls into old women.  This tsunami  is snatching away our childrens’ innocence without apology and we are seating under palm trees drinking palm wine observing it all.  We are not doing enough to keep our children safe.  

The solution in Nigeria, unfortunately, is still silence.  The profound belief that if we ignore this problem, it might just go away. Regrettably, it wont.  Unless, we begin by talking about it, arming ourselves with tools to prevent it will continue to punish our communities.

 As I am yet to read the book, here is a review from Africa Book Club http://www.africabookclub.com/?p=11040.

The book is available on Amazon, it has been published in four countries with the Nigerian edition by Farafina Books coming out June 2014.
Yejide’s website is: http://www.yejidekilanko.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/YejideKilanko

For more on child abuse and how to prevent it, have a look at the Underwear Rule from the NSPCC: http://www.nspcc.org.uk/help-and-advice/for-parents/keeping-your-child-safe/the-underwear-rule/the-underwear-rule_wda97016.html.


Sassy, Successful and Sexy : Venessa Afonja for Busy Bellas who RockBeauty to Business

There is a no secret  about Venessa Afonja’s love for business, make up, fashion, fitness and well being.  She is pretty much everything she writes about. Venessa’s Blog – VA Bella Beauty- is a place every girl must stop by every couple of days. Why? Because her tips are realistic, simple and easy to achieve. She knows what the older women want. Here is a link to her house of inspirational insight, makeup treasure and more http://vabellabeauty.com/va-bella-beauty/

Venessa is stirring up  something in matured girls/ladies/women (which ever way you like to be addressed) who are in their 30’s like me.  She is asking her Bella’s to take another look at themselves  and then embrace tenderly the person  they have become over the years of motherhood, career, marriage, divorce,widowhood and so on.

Like me, her  Bella’s are everywhere to be honest: from the board room to the kitchen. Venessa is empowering us to step out of our comfort zones by eating the right foods (diet if necessary), exercise daily and then submit to a transforming face make over. Every girl loves to be pampered. Why not?

I am not a little girl anymore, but Venessa’s tips remind me that I can return to the days when I was ‘hip’. I never thought I would say this, but once upon a time, I was the whole package and more:) lol.  Oh well!

Here is Venessa at her best at the recently concluded Women’s Summit in Luton, Beds. The lady who got the make over in the 10 minute presentation tagged ‘The Power of 10. …..10 make up tips in 10 minutes’ is Helen Tucker.

Displaying Helen - Final edit-w800-h600.jpg



To find out more about Venessa Afonja’s work, take a look on her blog for more http://vabellabeauty.com/2014/03/30/power-10/.

You can find her on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/venessa.afonja?fref=ts7
Twitter: https://twitter.com/vabellabeauty

Through the Eyes of Survivors: A Video Screening on Human Trafficking OUT SOON!

From our friends at Afruca…. a new video on Human Trafficking ‘Through the Eyes of Survivors’  screens on  the 15th of April, 2014.  Read more below.

AFRUCA (Africans Unite Against Child Abuse) is organizing a screening event to launch its NEW educational/awareness raising video on the human trafficking process. This video was written, directed and produced by the young people currently supported by AFRUCA. 

They have creatively used their experiences of trafficking to create this video which depicts the process and causes of human trafficking as well as the different forms of exploitation trafficked victims are exposed to and how young people can leave such exploitative situations.
 Through the Eyes of Survivors: A Video Screening on Human Trafficking:


Join us at the screening of this video which will be followed by a panel discussion.
Date: Tuesday, 15th April 2014                                                                      
Time: 6:00-8:00pm                                                                               
Venue: Hogan Lovells International LLP Holborn Viaduct EC1A 2FG
Host and Chair: Debbie Ariyo OBE – Founder/ Executive Director AFRUCA
Bharti Patel – Chief Executive Officer ECPAT
Dorcas Erskine – National Coordinator for the Poppy Project
Phillip Ishola – Director of the Counter Human Trafficking Bureau
This is a Free Event but Registration is Compulsory.
To register visit:

2face at the Haven Homes Launch

Nigerian Hip-Hop artiste, Innocent ‘2face’ Idibia, was present at the Showhome event organised by HavenHomes and their UK, partners, interior decorators, Ledyvine, earlier on Sunday.
The event was organised by Haven Homes to show people what it feels like to own one of their homes and live in one decorated by interior architects ‘Ledyvine’.
The event was well attended by government functionaries and celebrity owners of Haven Homes properties including 2face Idibia and his lovely wife, Annie.

– See more at: http://www.urnaija.com/2face-at-havens-homes-showhome-launch/#sthash.woQd9sGB.dpuf

2face showhome 2

From left to right: 2face, Tayo Sonuga (MD of Haven Homes) and Timi Dakola at the event – See more at: http://www.urnaija.com/more-pictures-from-haven-home-launch/#sthash.b3W8CrMc.dpuf

2face showhome 3

From left to right: 2face, Toyin Yeriro (MD of Ledyvine) and Tayo Sonuga (MD of Haven Homes) – See more at: http://www.urnaija.com/more-pictures-from-haven-home-launch/#sthash.b3W8CrMc.dpuf

2face showhome 4

Annie Idibia answering questions on the red carpet

2face showhome 6
Tayo Sonuga (MD of Haven Homes explaining a point to Hon. Bosun Jeje, Lagos State Comm. for Housing – See more at: http://www.urnaija.com/more-pictures-from-haven-home-launch/#sthash.b3W8CrMc.dpuf

Proposed Cover: Which would you choose?

.Photo: I'm collaborating with my publisher Accomplish Press to choose a cover for my upcoming poetry collection. I need your help! Can you please give me some feedback on these two? Which cover appeals more to you, and why? If you don't like either, please tell me why too.It has been an exciting evening. I asked earlier on Facebook which of these two covers was the best for my upcoming book. The response has been great. Please do keep it coming. I tell you a little secret. This afternoon, even though the manuscript is all done and dusted, even though we are waiting to get it back from the Editor, I went into a melt down.  Will the book be good enough? Will you like it? Will I be able to shift any copies etc? My dear friend Tolu Popoola assured me that it was perfectly normal to have fears. Don’t we all? Her company Accomplish Press is publishing this book for me. She has been excellent. Absolutely brilliant. The attention to detail is second to none.

Then, I calmed down. You will love the poems, they have been very carefully chosen, edited and re-edited. The book has been packaged with love just for you. I have a very good feeling about this book.

So, if you have not told me yet, here are the designs again, which of these two would you prefer and why.

I am waiting to hear from you.

Have a restful evening.

Every Blessing

I speak with my heart

I am going through my old blog  and then I found this. My heart is warmed.

I speak with my heart 
Everyday comes with grace 
We are all given opportunity
We have power to do good if we so choose 
Yet we fall
Some publicly 
Others in secret 
Some rise again 
For some the sun is about to set 

I speak with my heart
If you have ever cried 
If you have ever been loved 
Your heart beats is a testament to our unity 
I speak with my heart
Our indifference Our intolerance Our greed
Ruins us 
He made us for more than this!

I speak with my heart 
A time of renewal has come 
With this sunrise
May we promise to make it a better world 
because of our children 
And our own

Tundun Adeyemo (c)

I am I was I will be

I write 
I write because I have a voice
Since I discovered that
I have not stopped writing

I sing 
I sing because there is life within me
The changing seasons 
An Un-changeable God
There is hope 
I can feel it all around me

I laugh
Because life is sweeter when you smile
Giants fade at the sound of a laugh
They cannot conquer when the spirit is strong
They may threaten 
They may bark
But they have no powers over a strong mind

I dream
Because it is all I am
All I ever will be is because of dreams
A certain hope that there is more in life
Than where I am
There is more to life
Than all the journey so far
There is more to me
Than they will ever guess

I was
I am
I will always be
Tundun Adeyemo
Winner Champion Excellence

What's up?

I havent been here in a while…. life has been busy in a good way. When you work full time and study part time, your priorities are set for you. I had to break the hiatus one way or the other. So, here we go!

First, I am very pleased to announce that in a couple of weeks, my latest collection of poems will be published as an e-book. E-book? Yes, e-book:) It is a compilation of poems about my first few weeks in England, you know I have been here for a while right? They are very personal, revealing, detailed and those who have read it have really, really liked it.  It is also about life and those little emotions you dont notice because you have been so busy. So, watch this space.

In the meantime, I am pleased to say that I have a Facebook author page. Please like the page here:
https://www.facebook.com/TundunAdeyemoAuthor. I feel like a child! I cannot believe it. I feel as though I am a professional now. Perhaps I am, who knows? It has about 50 likes at the moment, your like would make me feel extra special 🙂

So you think you can write or you actually write, but you dont know how good you are. Send an email to Tolu Popoola. Here is her facebook handle https://www.facebook.com/tolulopewrites?fref=ts/ . I tell you what, she is really good. In addition to being an author, she is a publisher. She can make your dreams come true.

I have to go now. Talk soon.