Is There A Place for God/religion/faith in Our Society?

My radio show on Saturday night was in one word, great!

The Book Segment was handled by Lanre Fatokun and the book he shared from was ‘ The Richest Man in Babylon’. Lanre has read his book more than twenty times. According to him, next to the Bible, this is the next greatest book because it teaches foundational truth about money management.  Lanre’s two top tips are:
1. When stuck, ask for help from people. There will always be someone out there who knows more than you do 
2. 10% of all you earn is yours to keep. A third tip is Budget and to  always spend less than you earn.
Lanre also spoke about time management and keeping to deadlines. This helped him balance his life as a Masters student, a blogger and an organiser of 500 man an online bible study. More from and about  Lanre can be found here: He was a great guest on the show and we look forward to having him again.
The Conversation Segment had
Pastor Greg Obong Oshotse  M.Th (Wales); B.Th (Cantab)  of the Living Lighthouse Ministries,
Ian Smith and David Brittain of the Bedfordshire Humanist Association. The topic was Is there a Place for God in our Society. I will be writing about this in TELL.  If you missed the Conversation, you will have to wait for the write up later today. Or the link for the radio later in the week. Mean while, here are some pictures from a very stimulating evening. 
Ian and Greg

David and Ian


More shortly. I have to go! 

Every Blessing

Memories to take away from the Warrior Adrenalin Race (WAR)!!!!

I took part in the 5k Warrior Adrenalin Challenge on Saturday as announced previously.There were about 1,500 contestants. The 10k race was tabled in 8 waves, whilst the 5k race which  started at 12 noon had 4 waves.  I was on the 12.45 wave. I finished in 87.55 minutes. There were races for groups and Juniors too. When you think that each wave had about 100-150 contestants, it gives you a feel as to how huge the event was.

Talking to Steve later on in my Radio show on AfricaUK Radio, he alluded to the fact that the event had grown bigger than when it first started a couple of years ago. The first event had about 250 people.  Regiment Fitness has exploded. People came from every where… Reading, Luton, Stevenage, Milton Keynes, Birmingham,  London just to name a few places.

The Dunstable Downs  was packed  but there was enough parking for every one and the space would have easily taken thousands more. Traffic was not bad either.  DD  is a natural trust, an area of outstanding beauty. It is the sort of place you walk your dog, have long walks, take your family on a day out, for us on Saturday, the scenery was inspiring plus we had great weather.

As always, the trainers were encouraging, helpful, engaging and motivating, every step of the way. The vibe was very positive.  Congratulations to Steven Nodwell and the entire team at Regiment Fitness for putting such an event together. The energy from the start of the race was incredible. At registration, you were given a can of Red Bull,a number  on your fore head and at some point, you are able to blacken out your face in preparation for war:) For some reason, I didnt blacken my face. I didnt see where to get it done. O well:)

Dunstable Downs looked like a carnival really. Provision was made for every body: bouncy castles for the kids, burgers, tea, coffee, beer, a DJ was also there playing some very lively music. There was a tent for First Aid and an Ambulance Van was stationed. Thankfully, it was never used. For pictures, have a look at the Facebook page here: I have ‘stolen’ some here.

 The race was hard and punishing as I had never done anything like that before. Right now, I feel so proud of my aches, pains and bruises. I cannot wait for the next one. Who knows? Perhaps, that would be a 10k race for me eh? Here are some pictures to take away. I took pictures on my ipad sadly, the pictures were overshadowed by the ipad case. Some of these pictures have been ‘borrowed’ from the Facebook page above.

Nata has emerged the real winnner of the race. Bravely, she finished the race. See her here  helped to the finish line  by RF instructors. Love you guys:)

It is a great feeling to know that you are not alone. With Regiment, the support you get sees you to the end of whatever it is you want to accomplish.

Taylor Cox, Thomas Davies, Connor Beard, Richie Two Shoes added a little spark to the race like so.They raised funds for two charities including  Help for Heroes. Great guys, spoke to them on my radio show as well.
These guys ran the 5K race in about 33 mins! I took a picture with these great guys. If you havent seen it already, its on my Twitter@tundunadeyemo.

This is what I call the Tunnel. It is not as bad as it actually looks. Took this photo off the Facebook War Page. On the actual day, there was no water at the end of this tunnel, just gravel.

   The wire. Nasty:) The pink is the ipad cover… sorry!

 The Climb! I had to do this one. The lady in the photo is not me! Its alright till you get to the top of it. And if you are scared of heights….. the instructor will help you down. Like so!

The Downs is an amazing place to do this, just see how beautiful it is. We had to do several more challenges like carry a an army bag filled with between 5-10 kg of weight up and down a stretch. Creative eh?

Another challenge I loved was we had to carry a log of wood up and down a stretch. Then there were the tyres and walking on the stilts.

Here is what I call the carpet. You had to crawl under this. It wasnt so bad really. Again, the pink is my ipad cover.

The War Web was a bit tricky. I got through. Honestly, it wasn’t so bad.

Ok! I didnt do this one. Its called the Wall and its at the Finish. I didnt do the water and the slippery bed as well. Was too tired. I simply just walked to the finish line. But, I did it!

I have to go now. Got loads to do. &
nbsp;Set yourself a challenge for something today.

To a great morning:)

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Outspoken! on AfricaUK Radio: Here is why you should listen…


This morning, I am taking part in the 5k Warrior Adrenaline Race at Dunstable Downs. I will let you know how I get on.  I will be there from 0845am  taking pictures, interviewing people and generally getting a feel  of the challenge for you and then getting  ready for my race.

My race was initially intended for 1230, but a friend and I are going to brave it at 11am. I  wonder if I can do this. Many thanks to Steve for making this happen for me. So watch this space for pictures, videos and lots more later!

My radio show is at 1730pm, of course that is if I am still alive (lol). Wondering which radio station? It is I cant wait till we are on DAB.

On the Book bit is my dear friend Remi Fatokun. He will be talking about one of his favorite books ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’.  The Conversation tonight is ‘Is There a Place for Religion/Faith in our society today?’ Giving the Christian perspective is Minister Greg Obong Oshote.  Ian Smith  and David Brittain, a humanist celebrant, both from the Bedfordshire Humanist Society would be offering the Humanist perspective as well.

It will great! Cant’t wait.

See you later.

Finally, a Poet on Outspoken! The Radio Show. Breis -Only Human! Listen to it here

I love Breis!

An old friend, rapper, author and entrepreneur is coming on my show next week Saturday the 5th of October to talk about his music, poetry, passion and every thing in between.

Here is his video!!!!!!!!

More from Breis can be found here:

Get your copy of BREIS’ The Brilliant EP on iTunes NOW

Waging War on Body Fat

I promised to send this earlier this week. You can guess where I am coming from. Its all been about the gyming and dieting this past week and I imagine for the next couple of months.

Yes, I did go for the run with Rob. It was not a 5k run at all. It does take time to build up to that momentum. We ran towards the Dunstable Downs and up a hill with magnificent views. But, it was dark  and I could not really see much. But, the air was great and I was able to clear my mind.

Perhaps on Friday when we go for another run, I would take a photo or two, if I can.  Here is the article I wrote last week which was published in TELL on exercise and dieting.


Most people want to lose weight. For some men and women, it is the belly that needs to shrink. For others, the excess weight is in the buttocks, thighs, hips, upper arms and the double chin. Losing weight the traditional way through exercise and dieting as a life style may take longer, but the general body of research show, that it is the best way to keep body fat off permanently.

There are ways  to get rid of excessive body weight.  With some spare cash or  a splash on a Visa Card,  cosmetic  surgery is available for that belly/hip tuck job. There so many options out there, here are three popular ones: Lap Band, Gastric Bypass and Liposuction. As with everything in life, there are pros and cons with these procedures  as they can be fatal. Mrs Stella Obasanjo died in 2005 because of complications which arose from Liposuction. She had been preparing to celebrate her 60th birthday.

Lap Band involves the application of an adjustable gastric band.  The inflatable silicone band is placed around the stomach to restrict the movement of food, helping the individual to feel full. The main risk to this procedure include the band possibly slipping out of place and problems with eating such as vomiting if too much food is consumed.

Gastric bypass surgery involves reducing the size of the stomach as well as connecting to the small intestine to the reduced area of the stomach, allowing food to bypass the remaining space of the stomach. This results in the body absorbing fewer  calories. Advantages of this gastric bypass include quick recovery when the surgery is done laparoscopically and lasting weight results.

Liposuction is the final cosmetic procedure through which fat tissue is removed from specific areas of the body which may include the abdomen, buttocks, thigh or arms.  This procedure is not suggested for significant weight loss, instead, it is recommended for removing fat pockets that cannot be eradicated through standard diet and exercise.

To keep weight permanently down, the action word is exercise. Exercise? Yes, exercise. In other words, keep moving. After a certain age, for most people, it is hard to keep moving most especially in Nigeria, when you have a driver to take you from A to B. For millions of Nigerians, walking is a luxury. There is simply no time for walking. Security risks also considered, walking can easily become a chore.

Exercise can take different forms and styles. Traditional gym memberships is often the best way to get moving and into exercising. Many companies have gyms within their facilities to enable their staff stay fit whilst at work. The down side to gyming is that many people buy memberships but they never attend. It takes a fair amount of dedication to buy a gym membership and then show up three times a week for a proper work out. The other disadvantage is that gyms can be non – personal and lonesome, but these days many gyms have classes you can sign up for such as circuit training, pilates, body pump, body combat, boxercise, spinning classes and Aqua Aerobics and so on. It is also possible to buy bulk time with a personal trainer. In the UK, a personal trainer can charge up to £50 per hour depending on the calibre of gym and service rendered. Another advantage some gyms have is the presence of pools, Jacuzzis and steam rooms.  The disadvantage is where these facilities (especially the pool, changing facilities, sauna and Jacuzzi) are filthy and not properly maintained.

In the UK, many of these  gyms/health clubs  stay open till late or operate 24 hours, 7 days a week to accommodate the life styles of their users.

There is also Regiment Fitness. Like its name implies, its Man-o-War type of training. Hard Core Athletics and field events. Regiment Fitness is a military based exercise company which has become famous in the Beds, Bucks, Herts and parts of North London  regions of the country. Meetings are held in fields and open spaces and equipments (including solar flood lights for night time training) are stored in instructors’ vans. 

The advantage the fitness company offers is that you train regularly with people who become your friends, with an instructor who knows your weight goals and who will  take you through a variety of hard core sessions guaranteed to make you lose excess body fat. This is unlike gyming when you are by yourself.

Other people avoid the pain of a monthly gym subscription preferring the commitment of sports like Karate, football, kickboxing or tennis instead. There are so many sports to choose from. The most popular in Nigeria is football. It seems though that there are more spectators than actual wannabes players.  Long distance running is another sport that is good for the Nigerian terrain. Hugely popular here, most mornings and evenings, as a matter of fact, all throughout the day, it is very common to see runners up and down the road, up the hill and down the hill, running. In Nigeria, when you run (or jog), you are probably described as jobless, insane or battling unseen demons. There is the tendency for people to stop their cars, wanting to give you a lift  when they see you jogging or doing a power walk.

Cycling is  one of Britain’s national favorite sport. Cycling and Okada riding are not one and the same. The Nigerian roads cannot probably accommodate leisure cycling as they have a poor reputation of being death traps.  As cycling friendly as the UK is, Amsterdam remains the cycling capital of the world. Their use of bicycles is phenomenal. Unfortunately, cycling in Nigeria is regarded as pedestrian because Nigerians have  a penchant for rich things, they probably think cycling as a poor man’s sport anyways. The most important thing to remember is that it does not really matter how you choose to exercise, a minimum of three times a week is the recommendation.

For Stay home mums, all hope is not lost. With a generating set that can power a tv set, stay home mums can buy work out DVDS and sweat it out in the comfort of their living or bed rooms. There are so many out there to choose from. The latest in the UK is ‘Insanity’. It has to be tried to believe how powerful it is as a tool to burning fat. It has been proven that people can also burn calories when they engage in love making. For obvious signs  of exercising to appear, sex has to be regular, intense and involve sweating.

Many people add dieting to exercise. There are so many diets out there.  Some people diet with Weightwatchers, Slim Fast, Cambridge Weight Plan or the Forever Living Equivalent. These products are not cheap.  When you follow them fastidiously, you will loose weight.   In conclusion, losing weight is more than fasting two times a week. It is a commitment to eating right and living right.  With determination and discipline anybody can get the body they want.

Tundun Adeyemo

We Did It:)

Second week on Radio. Here is how it all happened.

The Good

I had the indefatigable Zahrah Nesbitt-Ahmed over the phone talk about blogging and Alain Mabanckou’s book ‘Tomorrow, I will be Twenty.  As expected, Zahrah was on point with her delivery and expert take on the book and all questions asked. A great guest, she will be back later in the year to analyse Chimanda Adichie’s Book ‘Americannah’.

Steven Nodwell, CEO Regiment Fitness  also attended. His warmth and congeniality endeared him to every one at the studio. Steve, an ex-military man spoke about how Regiment fitness started from an idea he had when he was serving his country in Afghan. Refreshingly modest, and only 28, Steve encouraged people to take up a fitness challenge, to get involved in the community by trying something new every day.  Success stories abound in the Regiment Fitness way.
So many people have lost the weight they desire  and most importantly, they have kept it off by maintaining an healthy diet and regularly training with Regiment. But, its no magic. You must be determined to win the war against the fat. It is literally waging war against body fat.

It is more than exercising at Regiment, it is about relationships as well. This is the plus factor gyms and health clubs dont have.I  had trained with Regiment Fitness on Saturday morning for the very first time. Even though my buttocks, thighs and upper arms  hurt, I could not help but notice the positivity  and general easy ambiance of the trainers and  indeed of the group I trained with. I made friends and had a laugh. This must be why people keep coming back to Regiment. People do want to lose the fat, but in an atmosphere where they are supported to do so. Regiment Fitness has exploded for this reason: its brought back fun to exercise and fitness. Steve has a lot to do, taking his company National.

Back to the Studio with Steve.  His love for his day job clearly evident, his company also works with schools, colleges and disabled kids in the Luton Borough Council.  He  promised to make an exercise dvd for people who cannot get to a Regiment Fitness Centre.

I am ever so grateful to my mum, her brother  (Uncle Folarin), my sister, cousins  and indeed all the people who listened just to support me, from across the world.  It is hoped you like what the radio show is about.

The Not So Good

 If Apple does not talk me ever again I would understand. I was an idiot in a comment I made and I am sorry.  I am. There is no nice way to put this, I have excess weight too. I am working  to lose the belly fat.

Mum said I giggled too much. I will be much calmer next time. Promise.

The Best

If you have questions about diet, exercise, getting fit, personal training, you can send Steven a tweet@regimentfitness or you can find out more here:

The Challenge

I am doing a 5k run tomorrow night with Rob and on the 28th, I am taking part in the Warrior Adrenaline 5k race on the 1245 wave I  have never done anything like this before in my life. I am going for a laugh and for me, it is another opportunity to burn  calories, lose weight, win a bet? So why not? This event really need no advertising, you can still come as a spectator….

If you live anywhere within the Beds, Herts , Bucks or even in North London and you can make it, come on down to Dunstable Downs on Saturday the 28th. There will be a DJ, food, bouncy castle for the kids and lots more. Make it a family day out?

Wonder what the Warrior Challenge is really like?  Have a look at JamesA’s blog. He documents the April 2013 Warrior Challenge here

Not quite sure how that will work, but I will also be tweeting, taking pictures and doing interviews for @tellng and @AfricaUKRadio. Watch this space!

Love some of you and one in particular! Or may be not!
Have a great Monday. Let’s win this.
Tundun Adeyemo
Follow me on Twitter@tundunadeyemo

P.S: I will be posting here later today my column in TELL. Can you guess what it is all about? Your guess is as good as mine.

Outspoken! The Radio Program

Hello again!

About Saturday!

I am very pleased to confirm that  Steven Nodwell from Regiment Fitness   will be in the AfricaUK Studio   discussing amongst other things, the story behind the fitness company taking this region by storm.  I hope to find out more than the story, I look forward to learning about  why Steven is so passionate about exercise  and what are his tricks for getting rid of unwanted fat.

Zahrah Nesbitt Ahmed-Publisher of the African Literature Blog: Bookshy: An African Book lover also be with us to talk about Alain Mabankou’s book ‘Tomorrow, I will be Twenty’.

So, will you be there on Saturday listening from 530pm?
The  Station is:

Internet Dating and Us

Okay! I own up to the fact that the article published this week in TELL was motivated because I signed up to E-harmony and another dating site. Yes, I did it! I am actually proud of myself too.

 E-harmony is work though.  It takes time to surf through, read profiles, send questions, reply questions, get to stage 2, repeat the same process, get to stage 3, repeat the process and then you get bored:) The whole process is time consuming. But, can I recommend E-harmony? Good value for your money I dare say.

 I had tried UniformDating, Zorpia, Twoo and others.  The Nigerian men on Twoo were  like tigers, too fast. It seemed all they wanted was to hit an home run. Christian Mingle was the same. Some of the brothers who sign up for Christian Mingle are actually tongue speaking and demon chasing men who attend trendy Pentecostal churches.  Unfortunately, I gather from many Saturday night gist with ‘awon girls’ that these men loose all inhibitions after they have paid for one meal. These sites are good, please, dont mis understand me. I know people who have found life partners on Twoo and Uniform Dating. Just not for me.
For girls in their  early/middle/late thirties and forties, the internet is a mine of  potential relationships. Just stay open minded. The men are not in the churches, sisters, they are ONLINE waiting for you. Remember though, the world of dating is still a game and the rules are not about to change.  
 This was inspired by Charlie. 
Those who still think that internet dating is carnal should think again. For singletons in their middle or late thirties, the internet is the only place they can find love. It seems. Most women are hopelessly combing internet dating sites for their last hope to find the man of their dreams. The people in this age bracket tend to spend hours on a computer working, so it is logical for them to find love on it as well. The reality on ground is that people are finding love on line and are getting married. So, if marriage is a destination, online dating seems to be the logical way to get to that destination.
A friend recently got married to a man she met on an internet dating site. They had dated on and off for a couple of years, before he proposed to her. Her parents were thrilled that she was finally getting married as she was in her late thirties and her biological clock was ticking. It did not matter on the day that they met online. Their marriage and reception was a beautiful fairytale. The groom’s speech of his search for love brought tears to many eyes.  

For Nigerian ladies in the United Kingdom, there is a disproportionate amount of quality men. Of men whom your parents would be proud to associate with. Of men with requisite visa on their passports, of men with good well paying jobs, of unmarried men of integrity.  There is simply no wisdom either in bringing someone from Nigeria as he may already have an agenda of his to execute, or even be married with kids.
Nigerian women, I dare say, some Yoruba women here are now looking Western and tying the knot with Caucasian men or men from other African countries. When you talk to them, they say the average Nigerian man is too far of a player for them. The average Nigerian man feels he is the best thing to happen to a girl since the advent of Rooboois tea. Also, polygamy runs in the veins naturally of many Nigerian men making them potentially unattractive suitors for long time relationships.

Another friend met her husband on Facebook whilst commenting on the page of mutual friend. Facebook, Linked In and Twitter are some free places to meet quality men. Quality? Your definition of that is as good as mine.  Linked In has the advantage of being a professional site. It is reputable and you can tell how reliable a man his by the places he has worked and how long he has worked there.

Online site Statistic Brain says that in the United States, the total number of single people in the US is 54 million, whilst the total number of people who have tried online dating is 40 million. God know what the number is in Nigeria or of Nigerians in the Diaspora.  Dating sites have been a financial winner for a decade now as the annual revenue from the online dating industry is $1.049 billion. It is suggested that 56 million Nigerians have access to the internet on their phones. This makes it even easy for them to log in and find the man/woman of their dreams on the go.

For those who need to be encouraged, the advantages of internet dating are numerous. It is available day or night, essentially at any time that suits you.  This is the number one advantage for busy people.  Unlike other types of dating, you can communicate in the comfort and safety of your own home to as many strangers as you wish. It is quite possible to get to know the person you are chatting with to an extent before you agree to meet them on a date. This makes it possible to weed out non smokers, non drinkers and any such fussy preferences. Love does not have to be expensive as well as some dating sites are completely free. But, you know what they say about free things. 

E-harmony and come recommended to women who want to try other races as well. Christian Mingle is mostly African (Nigerian) as experience as shown. For all dating sites, due diligence is recommended. The only exception is if they have lied on their profile. Here, in depth questioning which is only possible in non face to face conversation may help form an opinion about the true character of the person you are talking to. It is quite common for men to claim that they are non smokers or trying to quit smoking when infact they are chimneys or that they earn six figure incomes when infact they
are unemployed. Most women lie about the way they look knowing if they write that they are size 22, they won’t get hits. So men, be careful when a woman describes herself as slender and athletic. She might mean the exact opposite. These are examples of how both sexes play with the truth.

To improve one’s chances of finding Mr Right, the best known trick is to join as many dating sites as possible. Multiple chatting helps a woman deal with rejection which can be common on these sites.  A big part of meeting with someone is the physical attraction or chemistry. A woman can get her heart engaged with a man even when she has not met him.  This can happen when you spend time chatting or texting someone for a while. This is one thing women should be wary of. Try to keep from  falling in love until after the first few dates.  Until after his character is known and verifiable. 

Online Dating has numerous downsides. Chika, a veteran of internet dating, is never in want of a date. Recently divorced, she finds it easier to find men who want to take her out for a meal online. She explains that most Nigerian men would naturally expect to sleep with you after the first date. This is inspite of the fact that they met on Christian mingle and that these men claim to have varying roles in churches. She also suggests that a man may proclaim his love for you over the internet, but when he meets you, he is a much different person. One could suppose her experience from dating Nigerian men are symptoms of how Nigerian men are. Or perhaps not. She also said that these men seem okay initially with the fact that she is a divorcee but when they meet, they prefer virgins.

The story of the Nigerian girl who was raped and killed by men she met online suggests that in Nigeria as anywhere else, you must take due precautions. First, always arrange to meet in a public place. A hotel room is not a public place. Secondly, let someone know where you are going. Thirdly, get a friend to call you at intervals just to check that you are still alive and okay. Fourthly, whilst on the date, don’t leave your drink unattended for any reason. It could be spiked in your absence. These are common sense precautions girls should take.  Finally, it is silly taking the new date home. He could be a criminal. Also, exercise restraint in telling your new online date  how wealthy your parents are or how often you travel over seas. Information of this sort are not usually helpful.
Online dating can go either ways. For some, it is the chance they get to meet the man of their dreams, for others, it is a nightmare not worth trying. The underlying factor behind internet love and romance may well be down to luck. Who knows?  Whatever you decide, wherever it takes you, always use a condom.  HIV is real.

Tundun Adeyemo

It was a Success!

Saturday the 14th of September at 17:30, I interviewed Author and Writer Tolu  Popoola.  A self starter and a determined woman,Tolu,was a great guest and it was a great interview. She spoke frankly about life as a writer, publisher and mum.  Tolu is the Author of the best selling book ‘Nothing Comes Close’.  An Independent Publisher at,  Tolu’s  latest release is a combination of several short stories. Fertile Imagination and (other titles coming soon) are available here to buy:

Helen and Churchill Kayode were in the studio for the- Conversation Segment- to give their insight to the topic ‘Life Journeys: Tips for a Successful Life Journey.  I have interviewed the Kayodes before. They are presently Consultants  at Mrs Kayode is a Solicitor, Magistrate and IT consultant. Her husband was an airline pilot at Nigerian Airways for many years before he relocated to the United Kingdom. He retrained, gaining various qualifications in IT.  The loving couple, who shared water from a bottle, are strong believers in networking, volunteering and integrating in society are also into kick boxing, public speaking,  working with charities  and making an impact within their local communities.

The Conversation centered on the benefits of Volunteering. Here are some highlights: volunteering can help stir and drive a person’s career into the right direction. Volunteering can help a person make the right network of friends. Volunteering can help bring a person out of his comfort zone  and help social integration. Volunteering in the society must be targeted and aimed at a goal. Mrs Kayode said the key to success lies in loving each job/role and giving it ones best. It is not all about money. It is the attitude. A person with the right work ethic will do better than a person who is only at a job to kill time or simply to make money.

The life tips offered by the couple include: working smartly, be prepared, follow your passion and come out of your comfort zone.

This Saturday 21st September,  Zahrah Nesbitt- Ahmed- the publisher of the Blog: Book Shy; An African Book Lover will be with us for the first half an hour. In the Conversation segment the topic is  ‘Is there still place for religion in our society?’  Leading that conversation  will be  Minister Greg Obong Oshote.

So there it is, a great start.

Here to a great Monday 🙂

Every Blessing

Can You Help?

I got this email last night from my cousin Adeola who lives in Abuja. Please have a read and action if you can. I have attached her email and the forwarding email on here for you to have a read. It is not a hoax or some 419 scam you can be rest assured.

Dear Tundun,

This is a cause i am supporting. You may please help to spread to people that will give and you may like t give also. I know Ifeoma personally and i composed the mail below to raise funds for her. I am hoping i can raise at least 2.5M (Naira) about 10,000 pounds for her. No amount is too small to give though.
She is there in the UK. I could ask her to send a UK account no if you think you can get people to support. Presently, she uses her Naira Mastercard to pay her bills
Thanks Tundun
God Bless,

Begin forwarded message:

Dear All,

Permit me to invade your privacy. You are receiving this email from me because you happen to be a member of my network in one way or the other and i crave some support from you.
My friend, Ifeoma, mother to 10year old Jed and 5 year old Jes, both boys, resides here in Abuja. Just as a number of us did, Ifeoma and the boys chose to spend this year’s summer vacation abroad.
Unfortunately, the three week planned trip to the UK is not ending anytime soon. What should ordinarily have been a mild case of fever with anaemia for her older son, Jedidiah has been diagnosed to be Leukaemia.
The doctors have advised that they stay back, assuring of high chances of survival if treated but  only after an initial deposit of £50,000 and that’s only to start with.

This has happened so suddenly and unexpectedly. While the family is still coming to terms with the seriousness of the condition, there is need to commence treatment as soon as possible.

Some of us may have an idea of the cost of treatment in a London hospital without any health insurance. It can be that high. 
My family is supporting Ifeoma’s family  at this trying period both with our prayers and our donation.

I thought i should include you in this, a seed sown as contribution towards Jed’s full recovery and an opportunity to bless and be blessed in return.

If you’d like to support, please pay into her account: IFEOMA JONAS, GTBANK, ACCOUNT NO: 0131730279. You may please send me an email afterwards so she can acknowledge and show her appreciation
Ifeoma’s identity and other details of the hospital in London are verifiable – you can be sure this is no hoax. 
I pray that we may all continue to enjoy and live in good health. Amen
Best regards
Adeola Remi-John

If you are in the United Kingdom and you are able to give, the details are here.

Name of account- Olubukola Brown

UK account number is 18673968
Sort code 309988
Lloyds tsb.

May God Bless you.

Every Blessing

Forever mine… Ire

My sister did not like  when I wrote about her little angel a couple of years ago. Its been a long time now, perhaps, she has changed her mind.

 I am in a Tribute mood, remembering my oldies and reliving them again. Here is one of my very first column articles.


The Ancient Book of Jeremiah records ‘before I formed thee in the belly,I knew thee’.

Before Ire, I was a non- domesticated young woman. I had prided myself on the strength to focus on the things that matter in life: my job, my writings, the need to change my car (I have since changed my car. I am looking to change my car again!) and the urgency to get with the program and the need to get a mortgage. Babies and everything in that department were on number 10 on every life list made.

As a rule, I don’t do babies, children, diapers, milk, kitchen etc. I cook, but I wont describe myself as a gourmet goddess. I enjoy good food and I have every respect for those who have mastered the skills of doing magic with vegetables, beans, turkey or rice. My strength, I think, lies away from the domestics. I have friends who have the softer things in their lives planned. I am simply not that type. I take it you now know what I mean!

Till I met Iretomide.

Ire is my sister Dupe’s baby. He was born December 3 and he is arguably the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.

After I had washed my hands, I held him in my arms. He was sleeping. I am not sure he was aware I carried him. That experience for me was surreal. I had not felt that warmth of love for humanity in a long time. I carried him softly, cuddled him, and started to do what any woman would do intuitively, I took a walk around the house with him. The mother in me had woken up and I couldn’t help it.

I would spend the next days just hovering around when he was being breast fed, sleeping, playing and being washed. I just wanted to carry him all the time.

Ire is my first experience with babies and he made it worth my while. He wasn’t accusing or questioning. He was simply trusting. He loved me just the way I was. I needed no qualifications to love, hold, comfort or care for him. Ire didnt care I have spots on the right side of my face or that I am ambidextrous.

I started to observe his hand movements when he sucked his mother’s breasts, when he wanted to sleep, when he was satisfied, angry, impatient, soiled, distressed etc. I found that if you really look and observe, babies do communicate with us in a very special way. Ire did!

I now know why my mum loves me unconditionally. I know why God does not mess around when I am involved. I know why when I call out to God he answers. I am like Ire to him. I know why Jesus wanted all the little children to come to him.

The desire to protect one’s family, to stand with a child in any circumstances is unexplainable. I simply became resolved to make Ire happy. Ire wont need to ask for anything. I will always be there for him.
I noticed when he started to turn his head, his preference for his mum and the way he takes to sleep when his father carries him. I noticed his partiality for soul music. His father would often play him Christian tunes: music from his phone and Ire would gently begin to sleep. I noticed with his grandmother, he enjoyed the ‘Ekusa song’.

Ire has come into our lives to show us all that God is in the details. God made men perfect without blemish. Ire has come to remind us that the hand of God is in all we do. Ire entered into his 4th week on Thursday, he still doesn’t know he has touched a place in my heart I never even knew existed.
If I am this inspired by Ire I wonder how elated his parents must be each time they look at him or hold him in their arms.

I am not sure when it happened. Ire and I made a bond. He let me carry him and he didn’t cry. When he smiled, it was like the heavens opened. It was beautiful. I cannot even begin to describe how beautiful it feels to hold Ire. He opens his fingers in an analytical way when he is being carried, about to cry, eating. We can begin to tell what he wants (almost) by following the opening of his hands. When he cries, it hurts.

Holding Ire in my arms showed me that being a mother has simply got to be one of the most special and amazing l experiences in life . If you have a child, you are blessed. If you don’t have children yet, open your heart to some of the things we can learn from little babies. Before Ire I was just there, Ire opened me up to this world of opportunities and possibilities.

Ire gave me hope. I cannot put my hands on. Hope in the sense that this is what matters. Life is on many levels. The level with Ire would seem to be the highest there is. Now I know why my friends with children say their children remain the best thing in life to them. There is something exquisite about Ire: a purity, an innocence.

God uses the stupid things of the world to teach us wisdom. God used Ire to show me life was not in the glamour and sophistication of London, Lagos and New York. Ire is life. Perfect. Ideal.
I know I will always be there for Ire. He wont need to call. I will always come running.

I am back on the beat. I miss Ire, his mum and dad terribly. They made Ire possible. I felt their love and devotion to each other and Ire. I think I bonded even more with my sister than I have ever done in my entire life. Ire brought us closer.

I left Ire with deeply convinced that life without children was not an option for me. Its a journey I must make. Soon.

Every Blessing
Tundun Adeyemo

The Nigerian National Question with Femi Fani Kayode on #PolitrickswithKO

Last night, I watched as Kayode Ogundamisi hammered, a former Aviation Minister of Nigeria, a man who needs no introduction really:  Chief Femi Fani-Kayode. Chief Fani- Kayode in recent times, amongst other things, drew the ire of the reading public by suggesting he had an affair with Mrs Biance Ojukwu, Chioma Anason, Adaobi Uchegbu  in a distastefully written op-ed titled ‘A Word for Those Who Say I am a Tribalist’. If you havent read the article, please read it here:

It was a draw really. Kayode’s questions were hard and unsympathetic but  he met a rather eloquent and often exasperated lawyer  who knew how to use  and play with words wisely.

My favorite question was ‘What if I say Chief Femi Fani Kayode is just seeking relevance, he is lost out of power, he is no longer a Minister, you are just creating these controversies to bring attention to yourself’? An agitated Mr Fani Kayode, said he did not need to seek relevance adding that  he had been in politics for 23 years.bla bla bla..The Chief ended by saying All is well.

Kayode also asked him ‘Do you have any regrets about the article you wrote and Mr Fani-Kayode un repentantly  said he had no regrets. He urged people to write rejoinders if they did not agree with him and that there were millions of people who agreed with  the opinion  he shared.

The interview  (in my opinion) was juicy to the end. A huge well-done to Mr Ogundamisi  and his team at Ben Television for bringing us the program.

Politricks with Kayode Ogundamisi airs every Thursday on Bentelevision at 2000 hrs GMT.  You can watch yesterday’s program here.

Swiss Government Bans Asylum Seekers from Public Spaces.

This is not news though, I only just found out. Researching this has made me angry. In the UK, it is obvious that non Europeans are not wanted. From November, first time visitors from Nigeria ( India, Pakistan and other countries) will have to pay £3,000 as a deposit on entry into the United Kingdom. Read more here

 Unfortunately, the Nigerian government, currently embroiled in the fracture of  the PDP, is yet to retaliate in any meaningful way. Shame!

Anyways, more information about the Swiss racist policy can be found here:

Ikenna’s satire here. Enjoy watching!

Happening a Litter Later Today: Book Launch of Segun Odegbami's Book

Hopefully, the rainy weather in London today wont affect the  Book Launch of  Chief Segun Odegbami’s autobiographical book at the Nigeria High Commission.

The book titled ‘Me, Football and More’ tells the story of Nigerian football by a seasoned veteran of the sport.  

Nicknamed ‘Mathematical’ for his exquisite skills, pace and accuracy, Odegbami is featured on the BBC’s website as one of  African’s legends.  Segun Odegbami  was born in the city of Lagos in 1952. He was brought up in the Northern city of Jos. He rose to fame with IICC Shooting Stars of Ibadan (now known as 3SC of Ibadan).  

One of the greatest football players Nigeria has ever produced, he played a key role when his club became the first Nigerian outfit to win a continental title – the 1976 African Cup Winners Cup. 

The former Super Eagles player and 1980 African Cup of Nations, AFCON, winner  launched the book  in Abuja a couple of months ago. The book which consists of 48 out of 200 articles, was written in over 33 years. 

Odegabmi played his last game for Nigeria on 30 October 1981, but went on with his club career for another three years. After calling time on a fairly successful career, he went on to become an author, journalist and respected football commentator.

Tundun Adeyemo

Photo credits: BBC, and naijapals.

Trending videos: Perry, Adichie and Azuike.

I am presently reading Americannah by Chimanda Ngozi Adichie…. slowing moving because I am just busy. When I am done, I will tell you what I think. Don’t wait for it though. Buy it and read it yourself. Her book ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ is ‘premiering’ at the Toronto International Book Festival’. Here is the trailer.
Go Girl!

The second video shows Mr Terry Tyler giving Pastor TD Jakes $1million dollars at  Megafest 2013 and Pastor Jakes appearing to be ‘ slightly slain in the spirit’ after Mr Perry lays his hands on him.  I love Mr Perry. He is a cool and fine brother. I wish he would give a million  dollars to your project or charity. But he wont. It is his money. He can spend it anyway he wants. So dont hate!

It is not clear  why people are making a big deal of this video.  As for  Pastor Jakes,  if you were given $1million dollars, would you not be ‘moved in the spirit’ like he was? How would you show your gratitude for a million dollars in your offering basket eh? We clearly need more $1 million dollar donations in the Kingdom. Do I hear an Amen?

Finally, if you missed British Nigerian Comedian Ikenna Azuike Interview with Komla Doumar on BBC World View. Here it is, have a listen. Both men are  making the African continent proud.